Welcome to the Jillings Family History Website.

A while ago I set up a forum for family members and those interested to discuss, compare notes, share information and post pictures for identification. It had very little traffic, so after the internet provider hosting it became unreliable, I deleted it. My apologies if you're looking for it!

The material here is gleaned from about 30 years researching the family, and much information provided by other researchers.
I'm happy to publish acknowledgements for all contributions received - just let me know!

Feedback on the site, more information, plaudits and brickbats can be sent to me at the e-mail address under Contact (see the column on the left).

The family name may be spelled as Julians, Juliens, Jillens, Jillions, Jillons, Jellings, Jillings, Jullings, Juliannce, Gillings, Julens, Julnes and many more ways.
I have found many examples of the same persons with the name spelled differently in the same parish records at different times.
The spelling often changes from one census to the next, or when a family moves to a new area.
For convenience, I’ve used “Jillings” throughout this website to save typing the whole list of names every time.

If you have any questions about your Jillings (etc) ancestry, please feel free to e-mail me. I have a great deal of information that I have not uploaded to the Internet.

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